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If you have a senior family member who is reaching a point where certain aspects of daily Personal Care Mccandless are becoming an issue, Grace Manor at North Park is here for you! We’re known throughout the area as a facility that offers compassionate and exceptional services to those in the geriatric community. We love the work that we do and appreciate the opportunity to lighten the load not only for the individual who’s having some struggles, due to aging and/or health issues, but their entire family!

At Grace Manor, our team of medical professionals begin by completing a thorough evaluation of each of our new residents for the purpose of understanding their current levels of functionality, both physical and mental. Based on our findings, we then put together an Individual Service Plan (ISP) that identifies the supports and services most needed.

This information is translated into goals and objectives for the resident to work towards with our supportive staff, who will encourage them and cheer them on each step of the way, celebrating accomplishments both great and small and contributing positively to feelings of validation and strong self-esteem! Furthermore, our staff attend training sessions regularly in top-of-the-line techniques and procedures, providing the very best and most current services that are available for our residents! There are many benefits for your loved one to discover that will go a long way towards setting them up for success with a higher level of independence!

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When you choose Grace Manor, you’re also setting your loved one up with surroundings that are warm, inviting, and therapeutic in nature! Our community has an atmosphere that’s highly conducive to refreshment of the soul! You can choose from one of our private or semi-private suites, each airy, clean, bright, and having its own spacious bathroom! Not only that, we have fantastic amenities that include a great library with reclining chairs to relax in and a large salt-water fish tank, a cinema with surround sound, a large Florida room, a barber shop and beauty salon, and even an arts, crafts, and cooking room!

Personal Care in Mccandless

If you’re looking for wonderful social opportunities to be a staple in your senior family member’s Personal Care Mccandless regiment, then Grace Manor is an absolute must! We have a calendar that’s filled with activities galore, including such options as bingo, live concerts, movies, Fun and Fit Programs, Nails and Tales, live entertainment, and even religious services!

Each of these get-togethers offer plenty of chances to meet new people and make new friends with whom your loved one will have much in common! Together, they’ll converse about similar life experiences and memories, as well as interests, hobbies, and current events! They’ll also enjoy having meals together and making plans to meet up in the future!

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Assisted Living Allegheny CountyIf you’d like to hear more about how Grace Manor delivers when it comes to Personal Care Mccandless, please take a look at our website, You’re also welcome to call our location at (412) 367-4722 and speak with our friendly and helpful associates! This may also be the perfect time for you to make an appointment to come by, meet us, and take a tour of our community! We look forward to hearing from you soon!

If you’re searching for amazing Elder Care in Mccandless, come to Grace Manor where you will find the care you seek, friendship, respite, and a sense of ease, every day. Call or go online to learn more about us!

My aunt Rose Marie Bell (Posie) spent several very happy years at Grace Manor. I live in another state, and when she was… no longer able to live alone, we were desperate to find a place that would meet the needs of such an active, vibrant gal as Posie. She attended all the activities, made many dear friends, and enjoyed a beautiful life in her home at Grace. With the magnificent care and attention she received, I was able to sleep peacefully at night, knowing she was safe, happy….and loved. Thank you…more than you could possibly know.

Adella Davis Miller

We placed my husband’s father at Grace Manor and he adapted well.  His mother also went there and of course we then knew it was definitely the place for my mother.  Everyone is so kind and eager to help.  They understand each resident’s needs and difficulties in getting around.

The activities they offer to the residents and also having the family members join in was a plus.  My mother loved the musical programs and the holiday picnics.   The car cruises were fun.  I personally made it a point to talk to other residents to find out ’who’ they were and what their life was about.  We have so much to learn from other generations and how they made life easier for our generation.  I found them to be interesting and I truly believe they enjoyed the attention from other people in addition to their own family.

I would absolutely recommend Grace Manor.  The love, kindness and dignity they bestow on their residents far surpasses anything I’ve seen at other assisted living homes.  It is a great environment and each resident gets special care.  Far better care than a facility with hundreds of people.

Eileen Glover

We were in a hurry to find a place for my mom Ruth who has progressive dementia.  We looked at a lot of places but turned around and went right back to the first place a friend recommended to us which was Grace Manor.   Steve is there every day which makes me feel good that she is getting that personal attention.  The best word to describe Grace Manor is compassion.

Mom has done very well there and the staff is very understanding when having conversations with her.  They keep her safe and try to make every day a good day for her.   They keep her busy.   She has a phone in her room and sometimes I can’t get in touch with her until evening because she is so busy with activities.  If she were still at home , she would be sitting in her pajamas in the afternoon until I arrived.

We have always celebrated our holidays at Mom’s house.   Since she has been at Grace Manor, I bring our food and we continue to celebrate as a family at ‘Mom’s House.

Karen Cross

Grace Manor is an amazing place and it trickles down from the top with Steve.   When we needed more skilled rehab for my mother, we own a hair salon and I asked clients for advice and 6 or 7 relayed their positive experiences at Grace Manor to me.

I was so impressed with their staff and how consistent the compassion and skill was among all of them.  One time my husband went to pick up my 88-year-old mother for a dentist appointment and he called me to say that ‘You’ll never believe this.  She’s doing morning exercises with everyone and laughing and having a great time.  I don’t think she’s going to want to leave!’

I watched them treat every resident with the same respect and dignity.  We’re Italian, and it was wonderful to bring in food for her and be able to sit in a private room and enjoy that time together.  As she progressed to Hospice, we had the choice to move her and we did not.  Grace Manor helped us all the way through, and even worried about me and the rest of her family.  I can’t say enough good things about Steve and Grace Manor.

Marilyn Jorgenson

I want [to] let everyone know how appreciative our family is for all you have done for my parents, Joseph and Helen Kribel, during their years at Grace Manor. Mom was there for two years and Dad was there for four and a half years.

While they were both reluctant to move to an assisted living facility, my Dad was the extremely stubborn one who hated every aspect of it. But over time and because of the kindness, patience, and gentle care they both received from everyone there, Grace Manor became their home. When my Dad would have to spend time in the hospital, he would constantly ask when he could go back “home” (to Grace Manor).

You made every effort to keep them as residents when some facilities would have insisted the move on to a full care nursing home. You brought in the wonderful people from Celtic Hospice and Health care to help care for them when they got very sick. Best of all, you made it possible for them to be together. That was so important to them!

Our family is extremely grateful for all you have done[.] Thank you to Steve and Laura Possino and everyone that contributed during their stay at Grace Manor (from staff, nursing care, medical care, hospice, room service, hair care, meals, activities or to just checking in or saying hello in the middle of the day).

Joan Howe & Family

My mother moved into Grace Manor assisted living facility on November 1, 2006. She resided there until she passed on May 7, 2012. During her stay there, she received a level of care that was as close to being cared for by a family member as it could have been.

She was treated with respect, love and sensitivity throughout her stay. Steve and Laura were even kind enough to allow her to return to Grace Manor after a hospital stay for hospice care.

My mother passed in her room/her home with her things and on her terms. Steve and Laura could not have given my family a greater gift than that.

I have referred many friends to Grace Manor who have loved ones in need. I know it is a hard decision to move a loved one out of their home. But let me reassure you, Grace Manor is the closest to ‘home away from home’ that is available in the North Hills.

It was also important to us that the owners were onsite, and that they made it a point to hire people who truly cared about seniors.

Mary Ann Belshock Reed

My mother Helen has been at Grace Manor for two years.  Our friends recommended Grace Manor to us because they liked it for their father.   We shopped around and this is by far the nicest place we found.  Every staff member is equally kind and caring, the nurses are fabulous.  Everyone has the resident’s best interest at heart.

They offer a lot of family activities and it always makes us feel welcome and comfortable.  It is just a nice family atmosphere.

Sandra Hueston

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