Elder Care Mccandless

If you’re in the process of searching for an Elder Care Mccandless facility that provides tremendous support, compassion, and expertise in the field, Grace Manor at North Park is an amazing choice! We’re well-known throughout the region as a location with excellent resources when it comes to enabling those in the geriatric stages of life to maintain and even improve upon their current level of overall health!

We’re excited about the work that we do and seek to be a beacon of light and hope to the ones who needs us most!

Senior Care Near Mccandless

At Grace Manor, your loved one is in the hands of true professionals! At the start of the new resident’s transition to our superior Elder Care Mccandless community, our medical team will do a thorough assessment for the purpose of fully understanding their current levels of physical and mental wellness.

Based on the results, we’ll put together a comprehensive Individual Service Plan (ISP) that will be implemented to maintain and/or build upon those areas of strength, as well as work on improving whichever areas are more of a challenge, using designated goals and objectives as an apex to work towards. Not only that, our therapists, nurses, and aides come alongside each person to encourage them as they work to attain success and celebrate their accomplishments both great and small!

In addition to a great service plan and kind employees, Grace Manor offers accommodations that truly make our residents feel safe, at home, and very comfortable! As a matter of fact, our location was designed in such a way to make each person feel delighted and rejuvenated by their surroundings. Each of our private and semi-private suites has its own specially designed bath, an emergency call system, wireless internet access, and even room for personal furniture!

Personal Care in Mccandless

Another wonderful aspect of Grace Manor is that we consider it imperative to supply Elder Care Mccandless opportunities to spend time engaging with others often! To that end, we have a fantastic recreational calendar of choices your family member can attend and enjoy! Some of these include exercise programs, arts and crafts, cooking classes, Bingo, live concerts, movie nights in our theatre with surround sound, among others!

Each of these get-togethers provide interactions where our community members get to know one another better and have discussions about relatable life events, common interests and hobbies, memories of days gone by, and the like.

Personal Care MccandlessTo find out more about Grace Manor’s superb Elder Care Mccandless, please take some time to look over our website, gracemanornorthpark.com. You’re also welcome to give us a call regarding any questions or concerns you may have at (412)367-4722.

Our friendly and well-informed representatives will gladly assist you and even set up an appointment for you to come by, meet us, and take a tour of our entire facility at a date and time that works well for your schedule! We understand that the transitioning of a cherished family member from independent living to a community such as ours can be a very emotional life event for everyone involved. We’ll be with you each step of the way, and you will have a lot more serenity and peace of mind knowing that your senior loved one isn’t alone and is being looked after 24 hours a day, 7 days a week!

If you’re searching for Personal Care in Mccandless, come to Grace manor where you will find friendship, respite, and a sense of ease, every day. Call or go online to learn more about us!

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