Healthy Eating

One of the significant reasons a senior living community is chosen is the guarantee of nutritionally balanced meals. Grace Manor at North Park recognizes that each resident faces various dietary challenges, sometimes even on a day-to-day basis. Common clinical considerations for a resident’s individualized dietary plan may include decreased appetite, hydration, supplemental needs, dementia, dysphagia, and diabetic requirements.

Eating Outside At Grace Manor

Eating outside under red umbrellas

Nourishing and enhancing the lifestyle of our seniors is proudly accomplished with a team effort from our chefs and staff. Grace Manor meals are delicious! Our hope is that each senior is looking forward to their next great meal and that their visitors and families are amazed to hear their loved ones brag about the food!

Serving three delicious meals a day, as well as providing nutritious snacks, is one of the signature differences you will find at Grace Manor. Buying produce locally, listening to resident preferences, providing a warm and social dining room atmosphere for interactive meals, offering the flexibility to eat alone when preferred or needed, and recognizing ethnic and holiday meal preferences are all ingredients to help nourish the soul.


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