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When Family and Corporate Values Meet

The care of seniors in settings outside the home is carefully regulated in today’s world.   As it should be.   When evaluating a potential Senior Living Community for you or a loved one, our best advice is to schedule a meeting with the owners.

While not always possible with large institutions with varied geographical locations, Grace Manor at North Park owners would love to convey to you their passion for service to seniors in the Pittsburgh area.

The founding mission of quality and value senior care at Grace Manor is accomplished by exceeding the high expectation of our owners, along with their desire to continually achieve and improve services to exceed industry standard.

Exceptional care and comfortable facilities, quality staff and employee satisfaction, successful operational and fiscal responsibility;  these are just a few of the hallmarks of a successful and flourishing senior living community.

Grace Manor Corporate Values

Our owners are honored to bring their personal expertise of entrepreneurial and business success, along with extensive clinical hospital and rehabilitative psychological experience to Grace Manor. At the core of the Grace Manor philosophy is the desire to share their family values, along with their ability to provide the senior lifestyle desired by you and your family.


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    Corporate Information